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Phoenix Arizona is home to many swimming pools!  As many are relatively new, it is best to rely on a service company that is familiar with the newest pool equipment and techniques.  Why leave your $50,000 investment to an unlicensed pool company?  Or even worse, to an uninsured, underqualified individual who doesn't have the resources to properly service your pool in a consistent and professional manner? 

Phoenix Pro Pool is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We have been servicing pools in Phoenix for many years, and have a warehouse located in nearby Peoria.  Our service technicians are trained on your equipment, and follow strict protocols for adding the best chemicals to your pool.  For example, we do not use chlorine tablets in the winter months - Did you know that companies that add chlorine tablets year round will actually cut your life between draining your pool in half?  Let's do it right and conserve our water (and your wallet!).

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